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If you have been the kind of person who loves to solve criminal cases at any hour of the day then you have got no other stop than Criminal cases. This …

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If you have been the kind of person who loves to solve criminal cases at any hour of the day then you have got no other stop than Criminal cases. This game is an absolutely adventurous one and will bring out the residing director in you. It functions on Android devices and can be easily downloaded through the play store. The Criminal Case takes you through a series of thrilling crime scenes and the player is expected to get into the skin of a detective and solve the cases. Although the game is currently not a paid application it gives a better experience with all the possible advantages without being obligated to unlock them. Therefore, Criminal Case Mod Apk version is here.

Now, you may ask that if there already exists an original version of the game which is for free, then what is the need to download the apk version of the game? The advantage with its apk version is that you get unlimited energy and money so that you can invest it in the cases and solve them effortlessly. But do not make the mistake of thinking that it is very easy to be a detective in this game.

About the Game

The game begins with a crime scene of a lady. The person who could stand informative regarding the crime is also found to be missing. Now, the player is a detective who needs to first figure out the dead body and the weapons at the crime scene. He needs to collect weapons and send them to the forensic laboratory along with the dead body for the postmortem and to gather other related information.

Moreover, if the criminal is inexpert then he might have left some clue like a fingerprint, nails, or any belonging. Thus, it is the responsibility of the detective to keenly observe the crime scene and trace the unseen patterns and abnormalities of the case. The detective can also choose to question the people related to the victim or who was near the crime scene when it was happening. It is expected of the player to ask nerve-wracking questions to the one who is suspected to have committed the crime in order to expose him or her. To solve the case, the detective can also take the help of hints that are provided in the game. Mainly the Criminal Case is all about applying logic and presence of mind.

Thus, to win the detective needs to do some brainstorming. Thus, to help you win, the Criminal Case Mod Apk version here to give the best experience in being your own version of Sherlock Holmes!

Features of This Game?

Although the game sounds to be very exhilarating you will get to know more about the crux of this game by knowing its features.


You get to solve the best crime scripts. You can run the case completely in your way. There is no one to give you orders or to tell you what you should be doing next.

Earn Stars and Currency

Obviously, as a detective, you are expected to solve the case as fast as possible. But as a reward the faster you solve these cases the more starts and currency you get to earn. This will improve your gameplay to a great extent.

Help of Forensic Labs

You are responsible to find the clues at the crime scene and investigate them with the help of forensic labs. They might help you in giving a good lead to the case


Interrogate the Suspected

You get to interrogate the suspected by throwing intelligent questions at them. Not one but you can interrogate more than one who you think is a potential suspect in the case.

Items Free of Cost

In the Mod Apk version of this game, you will not need to bother about unlocking items for running the investigation easily. All the items in this version are for free.

Unlimited Energy and Money

On solving the cases faster, you get to earn unlimited energy and money. This will assure that you get faster access to clues so that you save a lot of your time which will also make you rank higher in the game.

Minimum Requirements

Before you download this Criminal Case Mod Apk you must make sure that your smartphone possesses all the requirements needed to install this game:

  • The requires your Android phone to be of 4.1 version.
  • Your phone needs to have at least to have 62MB space.
  • Good Internet strength to download it uninterruptedly.
Name Criminal Case Mod Apk
Publisher Pretty Simple
Requires Android 4.1
Version 2.36.4
Size 62 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money and Energy
Category Mystery

Download Criminal Case Mod Apk

How to Install Criminal Case Mod Apk?

Downloading Criminal Case Mod Apk is no tough job. The requirements of this game are also not much demanding. So, you can easily download this by easily following the steps given below:

  1. Find a legitimate link to this game at first. Note that if you refer to an illegitimate site then it might cause trouble in your device.
  2. Once you tap on the link, next you will have to click on Ok. The game will immediately start to get downloaded.
  3. Once it is downloaded the process of installation is supposed to start in your device.
  4. To begin with the installation process click on install. The game will start to get installed on your phone.
  5. Just go to the downloaded files of your phone and click on the Criminal Case Mod Apk and now you can play the game.

Start Solving Crimes Once Again

Thus, to have an absolutely thrilling experience at solving mysterious cases Criminal Case Mod Apk is a great choice. This version is very easy to download and the gameplay is also very interesting. So, what are you waiting for? Bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you right away!


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