Artwork is something that does not come to everyone. It is a really great creative ability and is appreciated almost by everyone. So when you are an artist, you are sure to spend most of time in creating awesome masterpieces. Not everyone is an artist who draws on paper. You must have witnessed many digital artists; the artists who draw in creative applications available in smart phones or computers because of the vast array of drawing options available.

So, there is one question for the digital artists. How are you going to bring your artwork to life? Yes, by giving them a physical form or by printing them. While most of us prefer to print out our stuffs from local shops, this is an expensive idea. So, why not going for your own printer so that you can print out your work at anytime you want? Seems a great idea, is not it?

With hundreds of options available for you outside, here are some really good and effective printers you can opt for to give life to your art –

1. Canon Professional PIXMA Pro 100 Color Printer


Canon is a very well known company when it comes to computer accessories, mostly printing stuffs.

The Canon PIXMA is a smart printer which has dye based inks – Black, Gray, Light Gray, Cyan, Photo Cyan, Magenta, Photo Magenta and Yellow – out of which three are especially grey scaled for awesome black and white prints. It has Optimum Image generating systems which automatically determines the amount of color needed and the correct placement, thus giving you fine print outs. It is an inkjet printer which has a special feature of CD printing, and can print 12.5 pages per minute. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. A really awesome printer to go for!

2. Epson Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Printer


Epson is another manufacturer company known for some really good color print outs.

The Epson XP is an Ultra HD printer which can print high quality images using six colors. And only Epson ink cartridges can be used and no third party inks are compatible. It comes with wireless connectivity and can print images directly from your phone. You can get awesome borderless prints up to dimensions 13 inches X 19 inches. The paper tray accommodates about 200 A3 papers. And the notable feature is that it wisely controls the ink usage and when you are low on ink, it immediately sends a pop-up message. It is an inkjet printer with the special feature being the Auto-duplex printing. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

3. Canon iP8720 Cloud Compatible Wireless Printer


The Canon Cloud is a printer which will lead you out of the world of 8 inches by 10 inches and you can get ultra high definition photos with 13 inches X 19 inches border. It is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can print through any wireless computer around the house. This one mainly specializes in black and white print outs.

The printer turns on automatically when something to be printed is sent and has optimized power consumption based on its usage. It is an inkjet printer and can print about 14.5 pages in one minute. It has six color resolutions and is compatible with any third party ink cartridge. It can be connected via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB cable and promises superior quality images. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac, but till date Windows 10 is not supported. So any user without Windows 10 in the PC can go for this!

4. HP Envy 7855


Finally here is something other than Epson or Canon. HP is a very old name when it comes to computers and accessories. The HP Envy is considered to be an all in one printer – you can print images, fax anything, scan or copy anything through this single printer. You can directly print from your mobile phone or any other device with a touch only. It is connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

The HP Smart app allows you to easily set up this wireless printer, scan documents with your camera, and print from social media as well! It can print about 15 black and white papers per minute and about 10 colored images per minute. It also features a 2.65 inch touch screen, so you can insert your memory card or any external media source, view your file and then print it! And the warranty support is the highlighting feature. You will get 1 year of warranty on hardware and free ink till 11th January 2020 when you buy it. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

5. Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Photo Printer


This printer is mainly designed for photographers. The Canon PIXMA Pro9000 is well known for the terrifying resolutions it provides to the print outs. It uses eight dye based color technology which make your photograph bring to life.

The printer has some seriously awesome software named Easy-PhotoPrint Pro which can help you adjust the ambiance and light in your photograph, thus making it look professional. Another feature is the two-sided paper feeding, which enhances quality printing. It is an inkjet printer which can be connected via USB and is compatible with Windows and Mac both.

6. Epson SureColor P800 17″ Inkjet Color Printer


The Epson SureColor prints ultra high definition pictures as it supports nine dye based colors. No third party ink cartridges are supported and the Epson UltraChrome HD Inks deliver vivid color, superior black density.

While its counterparts use eight color systems, the P800 has nine dye based ink and the size of the ink cartridge is 80 milliliters. It can be connected via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connectivity is long enough to let you print from any computer supporting wireless printing in any corner. You can print directly from your phone and camera as well and get professionally good photographs. The Borderless dimension is about 17 inches, highest among all printers featured in the list! It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

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