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So, when we are using anything like to search for some stuff on the internet we see a normal webpage created by some people. Just like this webpage that you are reading this blog on right now. So for sure, many people would think how does it work? How getting the website works? What is happening when I’m opening this website. I know that I’m seeing just a screen with what I wanted to look but is going on what we are doing to open this page right? If you do think something like that let us break it down to you.

So you start with opening your browser which is your Google, Firefox, or any other browser that you use. So when you do that there is no use of the internet till now, the window will open through the memory of your hard drive of your PC or laptop. Till now you have not used any network at all, whatever is you using is just your computer memory.

So after you are done with this let’s say you out any address on the search bar like YouTube or any address. So when you do that the browser renders through the internet and search for your YouTube. It will search for all kinds of things that were it can be found on, what domain it is from and then after you are done with it. It will go and search that address and convert it into an IP address, so first what it’s going to do for that. It will ask its DNS browser to see if it has been translated into IP address recently. In simple words, if you have used this recently or not. As if you had it would be easier to find it out. If not then it will go to the Operating system and then ask form it’s DNS. So at this point what the operating system is going to do is that it will check whether or not that address is in your operating system hoist files and if it can find it from there.

Now things are getting beyond your computer limit it’s up to your internet connection provider. So what it will do that it will say I couldn’t search this so internet service provider will check to all of the computers that it provides internet too. To see if your web page is been recently been translated into an IP address. Well, most of the time this is where you get your IP address translated. But if it didn’t work out and that domain haven’t been used recently in any of the internet service provider computer. Then it will go to Ask the Global Authority, which means that it will let the global authority search it for you. So them the global authority will search all the domain names that it has and get that IP address for you.

The sending is the same as it went, first the global authority going to send it to your internet service provider who asked for it. Then your internet service provider is going to pass it to your operating system which asked for it. Then your operating system gonna send it to your browser that asked for it. I know right? Such a long process being done in just such a short period of time only.

So after it’s done, it will now request for your webpage translation which will get the HTML file of your https address or the one you are using. So your computer will connect to a computer which later on connects to a computer requesting that same thing. It will keep on requesting for that into the cabin system until they reach the main computer who is the one responsible for that domain. Once it has done it accepts your request and translates it and sends it the exact same way to you through the exact same chain.

From one computer to another and till it reaches your computer finally.

Now, this is happening when your requested file consists of an HTML file. But if it does not consist of an HTML file and if it’s something else then it probably going to send you through a different process. Where it has to create the HTML address link and then send it to you. While you receive your file back now it will let you see the webpage and open its files and that’s how you get your webpage opened.

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