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If you are living in India and trying to get a mobile number you will always get a number that consists of 10 digits right? Have you ever thought about it that why it is happening I know I get 10 digit mobile number but why? The answer is complicated? No, it’s really simple, simpler than you think it should be.

How many people live in India? As the population of India is right now 1.3 billion people. That’s huge and the number is insane and if you want to get those people the numbers should be at least 1.3 billion right?

Now think giving and making 1.3 billion mobile numbers will it be an easy task? They all should be different in a way that they cannot get mixed up.

So when they choose the combination why you think they choose 10 digits why not your 1 digit or 2 or 3 maybe 7 or 8? Have you ever thought about that? Of course, you have so let’s just get into that.

Like I said that India’s population is so huge that if we have to provide everyone with their separate numbers. We will need 1.3 billion combinations before we can provide that. So lets with your first question why not with 1?

Well, when you see the 1 digit number how many combinations you can make? I will maybe 9 right? Because that’s the limit which will give you only 10 combinations so you can provide numbers to 10 different people.

When we talk about 2 digits how many combinations you can provide? I will say 100 combination right below 100 you can provide now 100 people different numbers to contact.

When we talk about 3 digits number what you think about how many you can provide? 1,000 right? So now you can give at least 1,000 people of combination.

It’s not even 1 per of our population but, if you take 4 digits number how many combinations you can provide 10,000? That’s right? So now you are able to provide a total of 10,000 combinations means you can give 10,000 people their numbers now.

Let’s jump to 5 digits number then the number will get to the 100,000 combinations that means now it’s enough to provide the combination to 100,000 people that you can say is olay for a small state. But not in India as Mumbai only consist above 10 million people population.

Now going to our 6 digits number we will get 1,000,000 combinations that means we can provide people to Mumbai now. Which is nothing to be proud of its just 0.1 per of our population yet? We still have 99.99 per person to cover so hurry the pace.

Now when talking about covering that much we can cover up to 10,000,000 combinations and that many people too. While using a 7 digit number, will that to anything for us? Yeah, it covers almost 1 per of the population.

At least we are getting somewhere now let’s see our 8 digits what they will do they give us a combination of 100,000,000. That is something now right? It covers our almost 10 per of the population. Remember almost not totally 10 per just close to 10 per of our population.

Now 9 digit should cover us? Nah it should but will it nope it will never. The thing with 9 digit number is that it will give you a combination series of total 1,000,000,000 that makes it 1 billion we are 1 billion? Nope, we are 1.3 billion so even 9 digit combination couldn’t give us all numbers. So when they all cannot do it there was only one option to keep going ahead.

So we went ahead while we knew this will give all our answers, we went to 10 digits and guess what it got all of us our personal number and combination. 10,000,000,000 a total of 10 billion numbers and combinations we got. Now we are 1.3 billion people in India and we have a combination of 10 billion that let us use extra Sims too. That is why many of you people can easily get an extra sim and use 2 or 3 Sims when you should be getting 1 only. That is just because of our extra 0.7 billion number combination we can provide you with extra Sims.

So this is why we use 10 digits combination number and not less than that we can surely use more than that. That we will if ever required, although I hope it will never happen a population closing 10 billion will be super scary.

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